Katy Beinart



Salt Pavilion exhibited: 7 May – 7 September 2018

Droitwich Heritage Centre

Events: 4-6 May, 14 July & 8 September 2018 (see below for venues)

Vine’s Park is the setting for artist Katy Beinart’s exploration of Droitwich’s heyday as an international centre for salt production, exporting salt around the world via vital canal routes and other ‘Saltways’. Katy will travel by barge from Gloucester Docks to Droitwich carrying a salt pavilion sculpture based on the old salt works, to be filled with salt from around the world and locally produced Droitwich Salt in a symbolic journey that mirrors the route of the Saltways.

Droitwich was founded on its natural salt brines and, at its peak, exported 120,000 tonnes of salt a year. The artist has been inspired by the last “Wych Barge” to leave Droitwich in 1916, a cargo boat designed to navigate canals and open sea, which in its final journey instead of salt carried hayricks to the army in France during World War I.  The salt pavilion will be on display at the Salt Museum in Droitwich Heritage Centre until September before departing on board a canal boat as part of Salt Fest on 8th September.

Katy Beinart is an interdisciplinary artist whose work responds to the context and history of places and people. Visit Katy’s fascinating project blog here to find out more.


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Loading Scorpio & The Journey

The salt is loaded onto the boat and sets off on its journey to Vines park, outside the National waterways Museum in Gloucester.

Boat arrival: St Richard’s Festival, Vine’s Park, 6 May

Witness the boat’s arrival in Vine’s Park as its salt cargo is unloaded and poured into the salt pavilion, along with locally produced salt, in a special ceremony attended by the Mayor of Droitwich. Take part in family salt and art workshops with local artists.

Artist’s Talk: Droitwich Spa Heritage & Information Centre, 14 July

Join Katy at Droitwich Arts Network as she talks about the Saltways project, as part of the arts festival. Join in the family activities on the day.

Boat Farewell: Salt Festival, Vine’s Park, 8 September

Enjoy the carnival atmosphere of Droitwich Salt Festival: bands and craft stalls pop up in Vine’s Park as the salt pavilion embarks on its farewell journey.