Emily Speed

Diglis Canal Basin


Artist’s performance 11 August 2018, 1:30pm

Museum of Royal Worcester & Diglis Canal Basin, Worcester

Starts at Museum of Royal Worcester, Severn St, Worcester WR1 2ND

Artist’s film at The Precious Clay exhibition, Museum of Royal Worcester 20 Sept 2018 – 20 Mar 2019

Working with the Museum of Royal Worcester, sited a short walk from The Ring’s route, Emily Speed presents an interactive performance work. Explore the museum, which owes its success to the international transport links provided by the waterways, and then encounter a costumed character, who will lead you down to the waterways. The performer will pause to share stories about the museum, the canals and the miniatures she produces from her sculptural costume on the way.

Speed says, “The objects I make, and the stories told by the performer, will have an abstract quality, acting like memories or moments in time.” Part of the performer’s journey will take place on the ‘Wanderer’, a working boat owned and operated by the Canal & River Trust.

Commissioned by Meadow Arts as part of a major autumn exhibition at Museum of Royal Worcester, The Precious Clay, Emily Speed utilises ceramics, costume, architecture and performance to explore themes of shelter and the personal histories of inhabitants of buildings. Emily has looked at the museum’s archives and its symbiotic relationship to the canal and river network, as well as how the decorations of canal boats link to the fine art traditions of porcelain production.

Emily’s film can be seen at the Museum of Royal Worcester as part of The Precious Clay from 20 Sept 2018 to 20 Mar 2019.