Lucy McLauchlan

Diglis Oil Basin

Opening the Floodgates

October 2018 – September 2020

Meet the artist event Sunday September 30th 2018, 1pm-1.30pm

Diglis Oil Basin

Lucy McLauchlan takes up residence in Diglis Oil Basin with an extraordinary mural; a response to recycled waterway waste. The site is a seemingly empty and calm rectangular expanse of contained water, but it hides a busy industrial past linking the centre of Worcester to the source of the Severn and the wider world. It also holds a current-day hidden significance as a protected home to nesting sand martins. Prone to regular flooding, the Canal & River Trust plays an essential role in managing the gathering of flood debris to ensure the basin and its connecting waterways continue to be safe and welcoming to humans and wildlife alike. The flood waste they collect has formed the inspiration for Lucy’s work.

Birmingham based Lucy McLauchlan’s large-scale monochromatic paintings have covered multi-story buildings across Europe, gigantic billboards in China, windows in Japan, huts in The Gambia, Italian water towers, Norwegian lighthouse, Detroit car parks and abandoned NYC subway tunnels.

Implicit within her work is a deep respect for nature as she draws inspiration from her immediate environment; allowing it to inform and direct what is an intuitive and explorative process.


Lucy McLauchlan’s mural at Diglis Oil Basin. Photo Stefan Handy.