Dave Crowe

South Quay - Worcester

Shire Skies

15 June 2018 Stranger Faces performance
15-24 June 2018 Shire Skies soundscape selected times at the Weorgoran Pavilion

Weorgoran Pavilion, South Quay, Worcester, WR1 2JN

Beatboxer Dave Crowe and Stranger Faces headline our opening night of the Weorgoran Pavilion on 15 June with a lively mix of funk and beatbox sounds, after an introduction to the Shire Skies soundscape by the choir of Worcester Young Voices, who are all aged between 5-16 years old. Download the full Weorgoran Pavilion festival schedule.

Dave Crowe has created a site-specific soundscape, especially for the Weorgoran Pavilion stage, working with local choirs to compose an atmospheric and mysterious recording inspired by The Ring’s waterways, which will play at selected times. He says, “The waterways of this beautiful landscape have linked communities for millennia, they reflect at all times the vastness of the skies from which the water flows and so a continuous link with one another.”

Dave Crowe began his career as a street beatboxer in Ledbury, mimicking and morphing environmental sounds of his home town into spectacular vocal compositions. His music videos have since gone viral, commanding multimillion hits on YouTube. He performs around the world with his bands HeyMoonShaker and Stranger Faces.

You can listen to Shire Skies in the short film below.