Emily Speed: Hollowware (artists performance)

August 11, 2018 / 13:30

Museum of Royal Worcester & Diglis Basin

11 August 2018, 1:30 pm start

Museum of Royal Worcester (Severn St, Worcester WR1 2ND) & Diglis Basin

Join in with a unique artist’s performance beginning at the Museum of Royal Worcester and taking in the canals around Diglis Basin on Saturday 11th August. Starting at the museum at 1:30pm, a performer will lead visitors to the waterside, producing miniature artworks from about her person and pausing to tell tales.

Contemporary artist Emily Speed has been commissioned by The Ring and Meadow Arts to create Hollowware, an unusual artwork and performance inspired by the Museum of Royal Worcester’s historic collections and the waterways nearby that once served the Worcester porcelain works.

Part of the artwork is a structural costume, from which the performer will reveal plaster moulds and the spaces they contain, referencing a pair of potter’s vases held in the Museum’s archives (the vases date from 1878 and contain miniature scenes from artisans’ workshops, in an Italian Renaissance style). Visitors on the day will be told stories about the miniatures, the museum and the canals on the journey from the museum to Diglis Basin and sometimes the performer will pause to travel on the ‘Wanderer’, a boat owned and operated by the Canal & River Trust. Emily Speed says, “The objects I make, and the stories told by the performer, will have an abstract quality, acting like memories or moments in time.”

A film of the performance will be made on the day and this will be exhibited along with the costume in The Precious Clay, a major Meadow Arts exhibition at the Museum of Royal Worcester from September 2018 to March 2019.

Visit the Hollowware project page here