Latest blogs are out!

The artists working on The Ring, and researcher Bethany Whalley, are writing blogs as they undertake research and development for their parts in the project. Although the artworks will appear over the spring and summer of 2018, a huge amount of work is happening now, and the blogs give an insight into the many different approaches each artist has.

In the latest blogs, you can read some amusing anecdotes that poet Heather Wastie has collected, during a series of interviews that she is conducting with people who were involved in the restoration of the canal system, including a visit from TV presenter John Noakes. Warning: does involve mud! You can read Heather’s blog post here.

Meanwhile, Bethany Whalley’s blog delves into the ‘salty histories of Droitwich’, a town with a rich history of salt production. “Archaeological finds suggest that salt – a relatively rare and very lucrative resource vital for food preservation and flavouring in the days before freezers – was mined pretty much continuously in Droitwich from the Iron Age right up until 1922.” You can read the full blog post here.

Keep up to date with blogs via the individual pages in our Projects section, where you will find blog links on each page.